TruMH Series GLORY

For Sale in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Home Specs

  • Make: TruMH
  • Model: GLORY
  • Type:
  • Year:2022
  • Sqft:1036
  • Beds:3 Beds
  • Bath: 2 Bath
  • Exterior: See Picture
  • Condition: New
  • Price: Please Call for Price

TruMH Series GLORY

3 bed, 2 bath home by TruMH is over 1036 square feet.

New 2021 Model now available for sale at Zia Factory Outlet. What’s Inside a TRU A solid steel I-beam foundation means you’re standing on tough ground, no matter where you are inside your home. What’s a nylon-reinforced vapor barrier even mean? It’s a tough lining that helps you with energy efficiency (lower heating and cooling bills) and acts as a barrier to protect your home from moisture, allergens and pests. A thick blanket of insulation is installed all around your home to help maximize comfort and energy efficiency. The engineered floor system creates a sturdy, solid base for your brand new flooring to rest upon. Interlocking floor decking keeps your floor flat and structurally sound. You’ll find water-resilient, no-wax flooring throughout your home for easy, fast cleanup. Your plumbing system is installed inside your insulation blanket to help your pipes maintain consistent water temperatures and withstand extreme heat or cold. Your exterior walls are built to last with traditional side studs framed on 16” centers and packed full of thick insulation to help maximize energy efficiency.

This beautiful home is built-to-sell, as Zia Factory Outlet has stocked it full of super home features that your family will surely love.

Standard Features


    • I-Beam: 12” or 10” model specific
    • Outriggers: 96” spacing
    • Crossmembers: 96” spacing
    • Header: (Front/Rear) Flush, not recessed
    • Hitch Beam: 8” Detachable Hitch


    • Joists: 2x6 / 19.2” o.c.
    • Carpet: Factory Select
    • Carpet Bar: None
    • Pad: 3.5 lb. (minimum) Rebond Pad
    • Vinyl: Factory Select


    • Front door: Out swing 34” x 76” blank, no storm.
    • Rear door: Out swing 34” x 76” blank, no storm.
    • Interior doors: Factory Select
    • Windows: Double-Pane Windows


    • Design Load: 20 psf Live load standard, 30 psf options where needed
    • Shingles: 20 year
    • Trusses: 24” o.c. spacing
    • Sheathing: 7/16” OSB
    • Insulation: Blown Cellulose
    • Ceiling: Textured
    • Ceiling Slope: Vault/Flat Ceiling
    • Attic Ventilation: Pot vents (low), Ridge vent high


    • Water Heater: Electric
    • Kitchen Sink: Stainless Steel, dbl bowl
    • Lavatory Sinks: Plastic
    • Faucets: Plastic
    • Master Bath: 54 ABS Plastic Tub
    • Hall Bath: 54 ABS Plastic Tub
    • Whole House Water Shut-Off


    • Heat: Gas Furnace.
    • Ductwork: Metal duct
    • Thermostat: 8 Wire


    • Load Center: 100 amp
    • Exterior Receptacles and Switches: (1) GFI recept and cover.
    • Interior Receptacles and Switches: White, self contained
    • AC: Conduit


    • Exterior Wall Construction: 2x4, 16” O.C. spacing
    • Ext. Wall Height Sidewall 7’-0”, Endwall 7’-0”
    • (combo vault/flat ceiling, per prints)
    • Interior Wall Construction: 2x3, 24” O.C. spacing
    • Wall Coverings: 3/8” minimum VOG or paper on gyp
    • Wall Coverage at Closets: 3/8” gyp, raw


    • Cabinets: MDF / 24” tall overheads.
    • Countertops (All): Formica
    • Backsplash: None
    • Closet Shelving: Closet Maid – vinyl wrapped metal.
    • Utility Shelving: None
    • Refrigerator: 18 CF
    • Range: Electric
    • Range Hood: 30”, 100 cfm min, vent through sidewall.
    • Valance on LR windows only. No mini blinds
    • Factory Select

    * Prices, Standard Features, options and home specifications are subject to change without notice.
GLORY home by TruMH is for sale at Zia Factory Outlet
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