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Square Feet
820 sq ft


Floorplan 820 sq ft

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About This TruMH Home

TRU are among the most affordable homes in America. And owning your own low-cost, manufactured home means making your own rules. Starting now.

Built TRU

Memories. Messes. Lazy afternoons. Your dream of homeownership begins under our roof, and ends when you have a roof to call your own. We build TRU prefabricated homes inside completely enclosed facilities where weather delays don’t hold us up or compromise our materials. And you can rest easy knowing every home is built with precision then tested and internally inspected to meet strict regulations—all before you ever set foot inside.

How We Do It

We have over 60 years of experience providing homes for people and families all across America. We buy quality building materials in bulk that are measured to exact specifications, which saves us money and time—savings we’re able to pass along to you. Living life fewer worries—the money kind included—is what owning your own home is all about.

We make homes. And homeowners.

America likes options. Especially when it comes to affordable, no-nonsense housing. That’s why we created TRU in the spring of 2012 — to get back to basics. Word spread and more people started becoming homeowners through us, many for the first time. In fact, we’re now proud to have over 25,000 homes in 31 of the United States, and counting.

How do we do it? Easy. We build with factory-select materials with low margins and overhead, so we can keep our prices low and pass the savings back to you. All of our manufactured homes meet federal codes, which assures strength, durability, fire resistance, energy efficiency and overall quality. America deserves affordable homes that are built right. That’s why we’re going strong—and why we’ll continue making affordable homeownership possible for generations to come.

A home of your own? Done.

TRU is making affordable home ownership possible in America, which means living the dream of owning your own place has never been closer to reality. Our homes require delivery, setup and land that’s owned or leased, but even with these costs added in, the price of owning a TRU prefab home is only a fraction of the price tag on America’s average house. Us and Them We’re no rocket scientists, but we know a good deal when we see one. The average sales price of a new home sold in the United States (including land) as of September 2019 was $362,7001. For the average TRU manufactured home, a total price average, is $28,700* (this excludes any additional costs associated with delivery, setup and land). This price will vary based on the home you choose, your home’s size and the distance of your delivery site from the manufacturing site, however, on average, this means the average TRU home is priced very competitively when compared to the average home sold in the United States. “Based on U.S. Census data, the average price per square foot of a manufactured home is $44, compared to $94 for a site-built home.”2 When you live in a TRU, you make more than the beds—you make the rules. Want a puppy? Bring one home. A gallery wall in your living room? Hang it up. Once you have the keys, anything goes. And since you’re living in an affordable home, you’ll have extra cash to spend on whatever you want.

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  • Serial #:TRU14602A
  • Sq Feet:820
  • Bedrooms:2
  • Bathrooms:2
  • Type:Singlewide

Standard Construction

What’s Inside a TRU

  • A solid steel I-beam foundation means you’re standing on tough ground, no matter where you are inside your home
  • .
  • What’s a nylon-reinforced vapor barrier even mean? It’s a tough lining that helps you with energy efficiency (lower heating and cooling bills) and acts as a barrier to protect your home from moisture, allergens and pests.
  • A thick blanket of insulation is installed all around your home to help maximize comfort and energy efficiency.
  • The engineered floor system creates a sturdy, solid base for your brand new flooring to rest upon.
  • Interlocking floor decking keeps your floor flat and structurally sound.
  • You’ll find water-resilient, no-wax flooring throughout your home for easy, fast cleanup.
  • Your plumbing system is installed inside your insulation blanket to help your pipes maintain consistent water temperatures and withstand extreme heat or cold.
  • Your exterior walls are built to last with traditional side studs framed on 16” centers and packed full of thick insulation to help maximize energy efficiency.


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